Golf Etiquette and Rules of Golf: Basic Rules of Behavior on the Course


Golf is not only a wonderful sport, but also a unique game that requires from players not only skill and technique, but also good manners and respect for other participants of the game and the course itself. In this article, we will cover the basic rules of golf etiquette that will help create a pleasant atmosphere on the course and maintain a high level of behavior and sportsmanship.

Warm-up and preparation

Arrive at the course early to warm up and prepare for play. Don’t forget to check your equipment luggage and make sure you have an adequate number of balls.


Respect the order of play. The player whose ball is closest to the hole has the right to hit first. If your shot will not affect the players in front of you, you may hit at the same time.


Golf is a sport that requires silence and concentration. Do not talk or make noise when someone is preparing to hit a shot. Remain calm and respectful of other players.

Slowing the game down

Try to play fast enough to not hold up the group behind you. If you are playing slowly and falling behind others, give them the opportunity to pass ahead.

Taking care of the field

Keep the field clean and orderly. Carefully repair divots and ball marks on the greens after impact.

Spare balls

If you are playing on a course with bodies of water or other difficult areas, have spare balls so you don’t waste time looking for them.

Comments and tips

If your playing partners do not need your help, refrain from comments and advice. The personal space and game experience of other players must be respected.

Finished shot

After your kick has been completed, stay where you are and do not move until all players in your group have kicked.

Field care

Be careful with the fields and the nature around you. Don’t destroy vegetation, watch out for litter and don’t dig holes.

Behavior in the clubhouse

Observe similar rules of courtesy and etiquette in the clubhouse as you would on the course. Remember that golf is also about socializing with other golfers and talking about how your game went.

By following the rules of etiquette and behavior on the course, you will create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for yourself and other players. Golf is a fascinating sport that enriches us not only physically but also spiritually. Golf etiquette allows us to enjoy the game and the beauty that surrounds us while maintaining mutual understanding and respect among all participants.